Refuge Gastaldi
Della Rossa Lake,
Altare Pass,
Refuge Cibrario.

Leaving Rifugio Gastaldi, follow the path going south, exiting the “Crot del Ciaussine’” plain heading towards a small waterfall coming down a basin under the “Cresta del Fort” ridge. Cross the river, then go up the grassy-gravelly slopes between the waterfall and Rocca Affinau mountain. After a short climb you’ll reach a fork of the path.

Don’t take the “Colle d’Arnas” direction, and follow the left track going around Rocca Affinau, keeping on the left valley (in the S and then SW direction). A steep and winding path (the Croce Rossa peak will make a beautiful background) will lead you to a depression containing melting-snow pools. Go south towards the steep slopes terminating the depression, climb leftwards the slopes following a well marked track which will lead you directly to the “Collarin d’Arnas” Pass (2850 m). Take a breath and have a sight from this wonderful viewpoint, the nearby view of the “Collarin” little lake makes the sight even better!

The path slants down in the South direction, towards the “Lago della Rossa” lake descend the rocks down towards the dam (2690 m). Just before the dam, on the left side of the path you can see the comfortable San Camillo hut, which can host up to 20 people to sleep. Cross the dam, follow the dirt road surrounding the lake then turn left. Cross a small stream over schistose rocks and go down the stream following its left bank, towards the end of the glacial depression, then, near a small waterfall, climb a ramp which will lead you to the Colle Altare pass (2962 m).
From the pass continue heading SE, the track will lead to a clearly visible canyon.
San Camillo Hut Keep on its right side and go down to a tableau scattered with small ponds, on its West side you can see the Peraciaval Lake.

The path is now well marked, and keeps going in the South direction, leading over a cliff overlooking the North side of the Pian del Sabiunin plain. From here you can easily see the Rifugio Cibrario building which is reached in a few minutes