The Bessanese tour

     .The Bessanese tour is a round trip trail in a severe high mountain (2200 - 3200 m) environment with an approximate length of 32 kms in three stages.
Overnight stays are in huts (Rifugi) which are guarded in the summer period while in winter they provide free access to unguarded dorm rooms.
The trail develops almost entirely on a signalled path or track. It is not particularly difficult, but due to the severe environment and to the possibility of a hike performed in suboptimal weather conditions (fog, snow) it classifies as EE (Experienced Excursionists).
The trail requires therefore a suitable equipment and good training and experience.
The tour can start from any of the three huts involved (Refuge d´Averole, Rifugio Gastaldi or Rifugio Cibrario), and although it may be run in either direction, it is advisable to hike it clockwise. The optimal period for this Tour is end of June to first half of September