Expert hikers can trek in the upper mountains in the glorious scenery on the Southern Alpi Graie, along the ancient tracks where shepherds, smugglers and guides between Italy and France would exchange and barter.
Tour della Bessanese
The tour, which covers the wild valleys of all very different aspects, and which crosses the hills that top 3000m height, can be started from Usseglio (for the Rifigio Cibrario) and from Bessans in Haute Maurienne (for the Refuge Avérole).

This site is jointly administered by the managers of the three refuges (R.Cibrario, R.d'Avérole and R.Gastaldi) located on the route of the Tour of Bessanese.  Here, thanks to the contribution of the hut managers and hikers, you can find the latest news about the path and news of the huts.

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