Rifugio Luigi Cibrario al Peraciaval - m. 2616

The Luigi Cibrario hut  is located in the higher zone of the commune of Usseglio (To) , located in a plateau "the Peraciaval" which opens at the end of the Valley of Arnas, in Viù Valley, the southernmost of the three Valley of Lanzo Torinese, bordering the French territory to the west, with the Valley of Ala di Stura to the north and the Susa Valley to the south. Built in 1890 by C.A.I. of Turin is currently managed by members of the C.A.I. Leini that alternate management during the opening period (normally expected from early July to mid-September) . The hut is equipped with electricity, hot water , showers and heated room for drying clothes. It can accommodate up to 42 guests in comfortable bunk beds and offers bar and restaurant services. The Cibrario is known and appreciated for its cuisine offering , for the comfort it offers to tourists and mountaineers and the family atmosphere . It may also bear the mark "Yes" , the Quality for Travellers mark of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin created to identify more easily the best facilities in the area thanks to a distinctive logo . There are many possible excursions to the peaks that encircle the basin of Peraciaval, in this area of Graian Alps flora is remarkable with some endemic species.The fauna is present with the typical species of the Alps and especially with a large herd of ibex that can be easily seen nearby the hut.

N° rooms   5 + 1 dormitory
N° table seats   42
Web   www.caileini.it/rifugiocibrario
Facebook   http://www.facebook.com/rifugiocibrario

 Access paths


From Margone
m.1410 in about 3,30 h


From Usseglio (loc. Alpe Barnas)
m.1545, in about 3 h